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This post is written for the theme “26 Places, 26 Memories” for the #AtoZChallenge 2019.


Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh in India. This city, established in the early 18th century, prides itself on its green cover, beautiful lakes and noteworthy religious monuments. In 1984, Bhopal entered the international consciousness with the terrible Union Carbide gas tragedy. Sanchi, a seat of the Buddhist religion is located an hour away from Bhopal, and its stunning Stupa and gorgeous landscape is a major attraction for tourists.

I visited Bhopal and Sanchi in the summer of 2006, on a college trip organised by the History department. As a student of History, I’ve always enjoyed visiting places of historical significance. These department trips proved to be some of the most fun and memorable ones I’ve ever taken. Overnight train journeys where no one slept, endless card games, heart-to-hearts; and a hefty serving of sightseeing and culture. Of the many notable moments, here’s one that stands out.


Having spent the majority of our teens in protective and traditional households, with a strong focus on academics; college was the first taste of ‘freedom’ for me and many of my friends. On college trips, we bonded over contraband booze (among other things), and celebrated this new safe space. The professors that accompanied us weren’t oblivious, but turned a blind eye as long as we stayed safe and within limits.

On this particular trip, one of my classmates, the youngest and arguably the most innocent of us all, tried smoking weed for the first time. As with many first-timers, she inhaled the smoke through her mouth, which didn’t deliver the desired effect. 10 minutes later, she claimed she didn’t feel anything, so, the seniors whose ‘maal’ (stuff) she had used, decided to have some fun.

Senior: “Oye, you’re not feeling it because you’re not performing the right actions.”

Classmate: “What do you mean?”

S: “It’s a bit harder to digest the first time. You need to shake the stuff up in your system. You should maybe jump up and down, or twirl around a bit….”

C: “…. Ummm, OK!”

And so, in a smoke-laden, cramped bedroom in the MP Tourism Guest House in Bhopal, my classmate took the bait. She jumped, twirled and tried her best to get high, while the rest of us struggled to control our laughter. To her credit, when she finally figured out what was going on, she wasn’t fazed by it. She rolled her eyes at the juvenility of the joke, and went on with life.

This girl is now one of my closest friends, and I laud her self-assurance through every situation. I have to admit though, she’s never learned to smoke properly 😉

Come back tomorrow for the letter C and another story!

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  1. Hahahahhahah … can’t stop laughing at the anecdote. Being a hostler I could relate to each and every word and action in person. First time for everything and undoubtedly the most nostalgic times.

  2. This is hilarious. I can imagine how you guys must have felt looking at your friend doing such silly acts.

  3. My Mum is from Bhopal, so we’ve had many pleasant trips to her ‘Maika’. I love Bhopal for it’s uniqueness, though the Gas tragedy was one sore spot for everyone.
    That is one fun anecdote you’ve shared, Noor. I was imagining the whole scene as i read it 🙂

  4. Oh poor girl! That must’ve been one hilarious thing to witness. Cool of her to shrug it off easily though. Am sure you have a good laugh about this incident even now. 😀

  5. Haha..that was a fun read. College days are the best and I also remember similar stories. Never been to Bhopal yet. But would love to.

  6. Oh really sporty of her. The time spend with friends are memories which bring lifelong happiness, the best times. My first solo trip was through college in 3rd year too with all my classmates, it was memorable.

  7. Haha loved reading your post and could co relate with it so much. had similar kind of experience during my college life. this time, with A2Z having a great time while reading about different cities from different point views. seems travel themes are most favourite among our blogging community

  8. Ha ha that was a cute memory and your bestie is a cool girl to have taken it all in her stride. Like you I too had a rather protective childhood and my first trip was in college. Unfortunately my dad was a professor then so all the teachers kept a special eye out for me. I lived and worked in Bhopal for a few years too and have some very happy memories there.

  9. hahaha…. that would have been a crazy trip. College and hostel time was amazingly the best of all. I myself had many such funny episodes. Bhopals is city known for its food and kisse-kahaniya. Today, you added one more in the list.

  10. A place is made special by people and their memories. Such a heartfelt post this was. It felt like my own story from Delhi and Bangalore days. Love your series Noor. Following your blog for more interesting content

  11. Travelling with your besties is the best time you can have. Looking at the pictures and reading this post it seems that you had a memorable time with your besties. Even my friends will enjoy reading this post.

  12. Firstly I must say, what a brilliant choice of topic for the A2Z challenge! Bhopal has been on my list for quite some time. I really enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing

  13. Student life is the best one which we spend care free without any 9 to 5 deadlines . Your post triggered so many memories in my mind .. Thanks for sharing

  14. looks like you guys really had good time.. I miss my college days with my friends too. Wish we could have reunion sometime.

  15. Going back to memory lane is undoubtedly one of the best thing that I cherish even today. Loved the blog I was actually having a smile throughout the blog

  16. My brother lives in Bhopal and I have blogged about the city in detail.The memories of hostel must be really great . All the best Noor…Love your name #blogchatterA2Z

  17. Aah…such memories! I feel college life gives us the best memories to be cherished forever.

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