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This post is written on the theme “26 Places, 26 Memories” for the #AtoZChallenge2019.


This South-East Asian nation is known for its Hindu legacy preserved in the ruins of Angkor Wat, and the terrible tyranny under Pol Pot’s reign. Its friendly people, serene Mekong river, tasty Asian cuisine, and lovely beachside landscapes have also begun to pull in the crowds.

I visited Cambodia in March 2015, on holiday with my husband’s family. My in-laws prefer to relax on vacation, so we parked ourselves for 6 days in a gorgeous erstwhile colonial French villa, in the sleepy beachside town of Kep. Our days were divided between the pool, beach, delicious freshly-prepared food, books, family bonding and sleep. The local crab market, a boat cruise to a nearby island, and massages on the beach; were the highlights of our stay.

We also stayed at the capital city of Phnom Penh for a night, where we visited fantastic museums, and enjoyed the colonial hangover the city was steeped in. Of the memorable moments from this trip, here’s the one that really stands out.


This was my first trip with my husband’s family. The group included my parents-in-law, my brother-in-law with wife and two kids (aged 11 and 9), and my sister-in-law with husband and two kids (aged 5 and 3). I was just about settling into being a ‘Chawla’, and children hadn’t been discussed or planned at this point.

As we got on the flight to Cambodia, my sister-in-law quipped lightly, “it’s good you’ll be living in close quarters with the kids. They’re the best form of birth control- you may not want to have your own after this experience!” I laughed it off lightly, but found myself taking mental notes the entire trip.

The 9-year-old still had nightmares, and often climbed into her parents’ bed; both sets of parents travelled with a suitcase full of medicines to counter any medical emergency; the younger children had to be constantly entertained and often the day’s itinerary would be tailored around activities they’d enjoy; dal-chawal recipes had to be Youtube’d to show the Cambodian cooks in residence; sunburn, mosquitoes, and sea-sickness took on a whole new meaning. However, I also keenly observed the cuteness and abundance of unconditional love that only children can shower on you, which led to the first flicker of a maternal instinct.

On my return, I was significantly more clued in to parenting practices than before. Much to my surprise and delight, I conceived two months later. Far from being the best method of birth-control, my sweet nieces and nephews proved to be the opposite 😉

Come back tomorrow for the letter D and another story!


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  1. Your anecdotes are turning out to be the USP for your posts in this challenge. Short and crisp. I am coming back again for more.

  2. We have been planning a trip to Cambodia forever! But, it never happens!
    Looks lovely! Nice pic

  3. A great trip for sure.
    My first family trip happened after 2 yrs of marriage with inlaws and my husband maternal relatives but it was fun. Children may make our world upside down but having them makes you feel blessed.

  4. Women are born with maternal instincts and yours got fanned after your sis-in-law advised you just the opposite! Are you a rebel, Noor? 😀
    Just kidding. Not sure about birth-control but kids are the cutest bundles of joy for sure. 🙂

  5. Beautifully written post, awaiting your next one on letter D. Will be great to read each others posts as we share the same love for writing and travelling. God bless

  6. I enjoyed the post with a tadka of humour. This is true with kids bags are half full of medicines and another half with their wishlists.

  7. You are a BRAVE girl, after seeing from close quarters what kids can do and how life topples around after kids, you chose to get pregger in just 2 months. Just Kidding
    Motherhood is a blessing, but sometimes I do feel like telling my single friends to adopt her for a month or so 😉

  8. love the post, most travel post would be just about the places, but this was about family. will be back to read more of your post.

  9. HaHa! Who would have thought! But that’s how maternal instincts are. Buried deep down. One experience and either they come dancing out like that or go into oblivion forever!

  10. Wow this is really nice post. I heard about the Cambodia I am sure you had great time spent there.

  11. Hahaha, if someone had advised me that I would have taken it seriously. Glad it worked opposite for you. Such a beautiful family you have, Noor!

  12. It’s interesting how you create beautiful travel memories and anecdotes into such wonderful articles that gives immense pleasure to read through.

  13. I never have been to family trips. But always wonder how it would feel. It would definitely be a mixed experience. BTW you are doing great with your writing. Loved this piece.

  14. Such a positive blog it was. Loved the read Cambodia is in my bucket list too since a good amount o time. Super excited to see the place with letter D.

  15. Loved reading your Cambodia trip and really children are so pure and they can make you happy easily. Your family pic shows the happiness

  16. Loved this one .. travelling with kids is a whole challenge .. 10 years on and every time on record the medicine required will be one I have missed

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