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Delhi is the capital of India, and has been my home since birth. This bustling city is the seat of government, and a melting pot of cultures. Its vibrant modernity is offset by its rich historical past, and traditional comportment by its colonial aesthetic. Delhi has great art and culture, world-class museums, fabulous food, first rate educational institutions, a lovely green cover, and numerous options for retail therapy; making it a popular destination.

You may ask why I’m including my home-town in a series on travel memoirs? It’s because I’ve enjoyed Delhi’s hospitality through many staycations at its top-notch hotels. For example, my husband pampered me for my 30th birthday with a stay in Delhi’s oldest 5-star hotel, The Imperial. We’ve also frequently vacationed at hotels in the outskirts of Delhi, including the ITC Grand Bharat, and the Taj Damdama Gateway Resort. Each stay has memories attached to it, but this one truly deserves mention.


I got married in October 2013, in a two-week long, multi event extravaganza. One of the Sangeets (song-and-dance celebrations at Indian weddings) was held at Nandiya Gardens at ITC Maurya Hotel, Delhi. As is customary, the hosts of the function were given a room for the night, at the hotel.

This party was hosted by my parents, which made it my night to shine. I wore an exquisite lehenga designed by my mother, and I was decked to the nines. My friends and family members performed a skit and dance show, to the backdrop of a movie about our love story (yes, we were that cheesy!). However, the real party began only after the photos had been taken, dinner had been eaten and the elders had moved on.

We shifted to the basement of the hotel, where we could party without time restrictions. The talented DJ doled out the latest hits, shots flowed freely, and the dance floor resounded.

After wrapping up at 6 a.m., a handful of us retired to the room to swap drunken stories while removing my jewellery, clothes and endless hair-pins.

We were in splits talking of the boy who had to be rescued from the toilet, when he locked himself in and slept off; the young chap who was transported to his car in a wheelchair after passing out in the lobby; and my emotional breakdown with my best friend’s brother, because she couldn’t be present at my wedding. Clothes were torn, heels were broken, many flirtations had taken place, cars were abandoned for cabs; but a fantastic time was had by all. The night was memorable in every aspect, but the few moments spent with my loved ones in the room were especially dear to me.

Given a choice, I’ll pick a quiet conversation over inebriated bodies gyrating to fast-paced numbers in an ill-lit room, any day. Perhaps that’s what ‘adulting’ is 😉

Come back tomorrow for the letter E and another story!


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  1. Loved your story Noor, a bit similar to that of mine. You look ultra gorgeous.

  2. You’re a sight in those pictures, Noor! That must’ve been one mad night, but know what, it is good to have some wasted fun with your friends sometimes. I’m curious about what happened the next day though. How hungover were all of you? How did you take part in the wedding rituals?

  3. I love Delhi and its very close to my heart. You look so pretty and good to know about your memories of the place and wedding.

  4. You look gorgeous in that beautiful lehenga designed by your mom. And, that’s a typical Delhi wedding where the actual fun starts once everything else is over.

  5. Big fat punjabi wedding, tell me about it. I was so happy when our’s was a hustle -bustle in an alien city like Pune without any shor and tamasha. But, honestly such memories are for lifetime. Love knowing you more and more in these tiny pieces of wonderful writing Noor.

  6. I personally like Delhi for all the tasty tasty food. 😍 I still remember the first time I tried the authentic golgappa.

  7. You look beautiful and the post is an interesting description of how grand the Indian weddings are. I agree with you on how we begin to enjoy less loud moments more! 😊

  8. Your noor took over the show, I love Delhi for food be it chaat, chole-bhature, naan, and lot more, and not to forget shopping and also as my first love where I grew up.

  9. As much as enjoyed reading the article , i enjoyed the pictures too, you look beautiful. Delhi weddings are so much fun, i terribly miss them.

  10. Pre- wedding rituals are more fun because of such memories. The otherwise tired soul with all the running around finds the best moments in such events.

  11. Wedding Anniverseries are not always as “Dhamaal” as this one… seems you guys had a great time… also you looking simply gorgeous like a newly wed bride. Mashallah!

  12. You are looking very gorgeous! And it is also very interesting to read about Delhi. Loved the post and especially the talks about your wedding.

  13. Wow girl. First of all you are so beautiful. I am mesmerized by your beauty. And the way you have put up the story it deserves lots of accolades. Kudos

  14. Indian weddings are surely filled with lots of stories and drama. By the end of the post i thought i was reading an interesting book. Great story.

  15. You are looking like a fairytale. . So so gorgeous . Indian wedding are always fill with drama, beauty and fun. Can’t take my eyes on you.

  16. OMG! I had to scroll down like forever to get my chance to comment!! 😁
    North Indian weddings are really fun. Our south Indian ones are quiet, sedate affairs.
    But of late we do tend to have the sangeet evenings!
    Lovely write up!!

  17. You look so beautiful Noor and love the post,I am a Delhi born too and my husband’s side is from mumbai. We too had a blast when they all came to Delhi for our wedding. reminded me of my days 🙂

  18. Hey you were looking so beautiful and trust me I was feeling like reading an article about recent bollywood wedding…😊😊😊 I also heard good words about Delhi’s hospitality.

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