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My foray into blogging over a year ago was largely to practice the craft of writing. It’s only recently that I’ve realised the importance of connecting with other bloggers and learning from them. When I heard about Blogchatter’s A2Z Challenge last week, I signed up without a second thought.


In this blogging challenge, bloggers must post every day in the month of April (except Sundays). Each post corresponds to a letter of the alphabet- 26 letters and 26 posts. To make it harder or easier, depending on how you look at it, the blogger picks a theme to tie the posts together. Today, I’m revealing my chosen theme. You can check out other bloggers, and follow them as well, if their themes appeal to you.


It was really tough for me to pick one theme! If you follow me, you’ll know the diversity of topics I write on. Picking one niche and one thread within that niche seemed impossible. Fitting these topics in the letters of the alphabet, was even tougher. After much hemming and hawing, this is what I’ve come up:

“26 Places, 26 Memories”

I’ve travelled extensively, all my life. Exploring new places, cuisines and cultures gives me immense pleasure. In 31 years, I’ve covered many countries and numerous cities and towns. To narrow the playing field, I’ve picked 26 trips that have a strong memory/ies attached to them. These posts won’t include all my memorable trips (you can thank the alphabet restriction for that!); and they won’t necessarily represent my best memories- only those that have interesting narrative value. However, they’re a good representation of my travel experiences. There will be some memories from as early as 3 years of age, and they will come up to my latest trip in March 2019.


I love a good challenge. I thrive on fulfilling short-term goals, even with the added stress. Remember that awfully twee “100 Happy Days” challenge that went around social media a few years ago? I did that even on days there was nothing to be ‘happy’ about! Blog trains, contests, time-sensitive projects? Sign me up!

This one, however, might prove to be my hardest challenge yet. I’m not used to churning out quality content on the daily. I’m also wary of putting too much of myself in these posts. Wish me luck, folks! I really hope you follow my A2Z challenge journey, and I hope I can complete it successfully.

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  1. Welcome aboard and congratulations on your A to Z debut!
    Love your topic, Noor and so looking forward to reading all about your travels and adevntures

  2. Congratulations for taking is massive step of joining the April BLogging challenge to make a mark as a blogger. And travel is such an informative theme. Looking forward.

  3. The A to Z challenge looks interesting. I really like your theme. Even I love traveling so I’m also thinking to do this challenge. The challenge looks exciting and amazing. Anyway, all the best for your challenge

  4. I am just loving this amazing concept, one of the best ways to chalechal yourself as a blogger, and yes I am super excited to see the beautiful stories that you will be posting,

  5. It’s one of the biggest blogging challenge that I look forward too. I could not participate this time but look forward to reading great stuff from talented bloggers.

  6. Wow such a perfect theme …I can imagine now I will be on go travel with you entire month of April…so looking forward to read

  7. Excited as you are. My first year with #Blogchattera2z challenge. Looking forward to write a post every day and read some interesting posts too. All the best.

  8. Fabulous theme looking forward to all your travel related posts from A-Z. Good luck Noor

  9. I love reading travel posts and going by what I’ve read on your blog till now I know I’m in for a treat! Looking forward to reading your posts.

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