Eating My Way Through ‘The Earth Collective’ Organic and Natural Lifestyle Market

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Black nimbu pani, anyone?

My last post for the #BharatKaZaika blogging campaign, was about the delectable yakhni pulao made by my father. I’ve been confused about potential topics for the second post, and left it to the last day! Today, at ‘The Earth Collective’ Sunday Farmer’s Market, I ate a super healthy Sabudana Pulao. Mulling on how different these two pulaos were from each other, I felt inspired to write about all the healthy, traditional Indian goodies I tried at the market.



Black coloured fresh lime water may not sound or look appetizing, but believe me, it tasted fantastic! “Food Spa” grow their own ingredients and advertise themselves as the ‘only organic baker and grocer’. They have many things to offer their customers, but their ‘black nimbu pani’, as my son likes to call it, is their most popular offering. It contains no sugar and the sweetener used is a natural ingredient called ‘kanth’ (stevia-based), akin to jaggery but slightly different.



Kombucha is fermented black or green tea, known to have many health benefits. It doesn’t taste great but it’s quite refreshing once you are used to its pungent flavour. “Khukrain’s Kombucha” is making a mark in the organic drinks sector. I tried a sip of my husband’s wood apple flavour and it was quite an experience!



I don’t like mushrooms. In fact, I only appreciate mushrooms that don’t have a mushroom-like flavor at all. “Swadeshi Mushroom” was selling the unique ‘Oyster Mushrooms’ they cold-farm themselves. These mushrooms claim to stimulate the immune system, reduce cholesterol, and are a good source of vitamin B-6, Iron and Zinc. I was surprised at their delicious flavor and meaty texture.



These Idlis are made from Ragi grain, which is a form of Millet resembling mustard seeds. Though they are soft and fluffy like their regular rice counterparts, they have a greenish hue. My son particularly enjoys these Idlis. They are served with a spicy green chutney that helps to mask the ‘healthy flavour’!



The Millet Dhokla looks surprisingly like a regular Dhokla, and is as soft and crumbly. However, it is not as flavourful. Dhoklas are generally a healthy Indian snack made from chickpea flour, so perhaps there isn’t a need for a separate millet version?



I’m kicking myself that I didn’t note the name of the stall that made this Pulao. This was undoubtedly my favourite from everything I tried at the market. Made of Sago or Sabudana with nuts and small baked potatoes, this Pulao was low on oil and high on flavor. Ideal for Navratra fasting, it’s also a filling diet meal. I wish I was a cook, because then I could attempt to re-create the recipe at home!



This brownie was the ideal dessert to top off my healthy meal. I picked it up from the “Food Spa” stall (of charcoal nimbu-pani fame). Made with quinoa based flour, it’s ideal for people who follow a no-carb Keto diet. It was softer than most brownies and quite tasty, but not as much as a traditional brownie!


Copper vessels for additional health benefits

The Earth Collective Organic and Natural Lifestyle Bazaar takes place every Sunday morning at the Sunder Bagh Nursery in Delhi (read more here). Apart from these healthy offerings, you can also sample some rich, ghee-laden Biryani and Nihari with Parathas.

Further, you can shop for handmade goods, handcrafted jewellery and copper utensils which are known to be the best vessels to drink water from.

I hope you enjoyed my take on some healthy and organic Indian foods I tried today. Do follow my blog for more fun updates!


Address: Sunder Nursery, next to Humayun’s Tomb, Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi

Day: Sunday

Timings: 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Fee: Entry Free

Metro Access: Closest metro stops are Hazrat Nizamuddin, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium and Jangpura stations


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  1. This is something different and exciting 😃
    After reading your post, I don’t want to miss this nature’s gallery:)

  2. amazing and unique post, missed it not being in Delhi. This post proves we are getting back to our organic roots for good.

  3. I love Delhi for its food and shopping and your post had enough of both. The charcoal Nimbupani must be super healthy. You have it every Sunday! Wow….those kitchen utensils were so good. Thanks for sharing Noor. #BlogboosterInd #Bharatkazaika #Habhitwellness

    1. I wish something similar is started here in Mumbai too. The charcoal nimbu pani is uniqur and superhealthy. I may try to find a recipe as I have some activated charcoal with me.

  4. I can see the more vibrant colors, more natural and bright side of Delhi through your post Noor!!!Ultimate post,would love to experience all these!

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  6. so many healthy version of food, pulao,dhokla,keto brownie. Next Sunday you will found us at The Earth Collective Organic and Natural Lifestyle Bazaar to taste and grab some organic veggie from there

  7. These are some amazing products to shop on Sunday morning. Though the place is far from my place but shall make a point to visit it. Thanks for the share Noor.

    1. I want to go to this place.. everything looked so tempting. I am a big time sabudana khichdi fan. That’s what we call it in Maharashtra.

  8. Oh, what a way to stay natural, organic and healthy and yet eat tasty food.
    Definitely a place to visit on my next Delhi trip.

  9. I loved the Charcoal Nimbu Pani,it looks very healthy and unique. It must be a pleasure to have it every week. I hope something like this happens in Mumbii as well . Loved your post.

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    #MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

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