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The E-Book Carnival hosted by Blogchatter is coming to an end, but I am grateful that I discovered some good e-books through it. If you enjoy reading travel guides, check out my reviews of Sinjana and Dr. Richa Mina’s books. For fiction, have a look at my reviews of Suchita’s and MeenalSonal’s books. However, if you like exciting stories from travels, you will enjoy the e-book I have written entitled “Tales From My Travel Treasury”, which can be downloaded from here.

Today, I am branching out with a review of a non-fiction book I really enjoyed. Roma Gupta Sinha’s “Empowered Women Empower Women”.


Roma Gupta Sinha is an acclaimed writer on women empowerment, with a focus on equality of women, and fighting for their rights and liberation. She writes on her blog and has many awards to her name. RCA (Roma’s Communication Academy) is her entrepreneurial venture where she teaches and helps in overall personality development of six to sixty year olds. She is the author of three published books with “Empowered Women Empower Women” being her fourth offering.

Her goal is to advocate positive change in society. Women Empowerment is at the core of her beliefs, which led to her writing, business venture and latest book.


Roma explores various ways in which women can and should be empowered, through 26 individual stories of her friends and clients from her academy. Each situation is unique, as is the learning from that situation.


I cannot think of a person better placed to write a book of this nature. As founder and head coach of her own communication academy, Roma has met and personally counselled scores of unhappy women who have felt cheated by life. The fact that she is not a therapist but a teacher and friend, makes her advice real and relatable.

Every story in the book has something different to offer readers. Whatever your life situation may be, the lessons from her book will certainly resonate with you. She lays stress on the inherent strength and compassion of all women, and makes them believe they have the power to face the difficulties of life. This indeed is the best way to empower women- to rekindle their belief in themselves.

Roma’s writing style is conversational which makes the book a pleasure to read. She even includes her own story of struggling with a difficult disease without letting it deter her zest for life. The fact that she adds her own perspective, and lays her life completely bare is admirable and makes the reader immediately connect with her.

Each chapter contains a story, which is the biggest strength of the book. These stories immediately draw the reader in, imparting knowledge without sounding preachy or boring.

Aside from the occasional typo, the book is well-written and easy to read. In fact, I enjoyed reading it again for a second time, having read it zealously throughout the A-Z challenge! The e-book is short, crisp and engaging and can be read in a single sitting.


I highly recommend Roma’s book to everyone. Women must read it because they will identify with the stories and derive courage from them. Men must read it so they can appreciate the women in their life and help to empower them, where society tries to push them back. I am so glad I came across Roma and her work, because I feel I can turn to her for sound advice, if I ever need any!

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  1. This book looks so inspiring and I am sure it will keep on inspiring others too…Roma has done full justice with her book!!

      1. Beautifully written review… Roma s books r a pleasure to read… Truly roma has greatly connected n empowered many women personally…the best thing about roma is she enjoys life to d fullest leaving behind all worries..

  2. Roma is very sweet person and her writing give an impact on readers heart. Her zeal of making a change is society is so appreciable. I will read your book Roma, Keep up the good work

  3. I liked the series Roma written this time for A to Z, very strong and empowering. This again strengthens my belief in passion, dedication and following your dreams. Wonderful review Noor.

  4. The caption alone makes it an interesting read. It’s a wonderful thought process and can really help all the women getting what they truly deserve.

  5. I have read the stories by Roma. And all the stories are truely inspiring and empowering. I would like to read more such stories! 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing this review. I would love to read this book. Also, the review is amazing. I would love to read some inspiring and encouraging stories

  7. Sounds like an interesting read! Kudos to Roma for helping women, and keeping on the side of being a friend and mentor rather than a doctor – it is difficult to walk the fine line between these 2 roles and create value.
    Would love to read this book.

  8. This book written by Roma is inspiring. She would continue to inspire others. I would download and read the book now.

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