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France Honours Attack Victims As The Nation Mourns

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This European country is a world leader in art, culture, beautiful aesthetics and fashion. It produces the best wines, cheeses and sophisticated cuisine. Paris, it’s capital, attracts tourists for its museums and romantic ethos. The mesmerising palace of Versailles, is a crowd-puller, for its bloody history. The lyrical language of this country, has always fascinated me, prompting me to learn it at a young age.

My family and I visited France in the year 2000, on the same trip where we drove through the Lakeside District of England. We ticked all major tourist attractions of our list, including ‘Mona Lisa’ in the Louvre, the Jardin des Tuileries, and Versailles; but of everything we did, this is the memory that really stands out.


France is the home of the only Disney themed amusement park in Europe. Disneyland Paris or Euro Disney as it is better known, is located just outside Paris. For two children aged 9 and 12, it was the highlight of an already action-packed trip.

At the time, my hometown of Delhi only had one theme park. ‘Appu Ghar’, though iconic, had very few, mostly staid rides. Euro Disney was my first introduction to roller-coasters. My brother and I could barely contain our excitement. Maps of the amusement park had been thoroughly studied, and our visit planned to the last detail. Even the height restrictions for rides had become a serious topic of discussion. The 45-minute wait in line further built up the anticipation and excitement.

My mother was accompanying us, afraid to let her young children attempt their first ride alone. We began with the ‘Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain’. I shut my eyes tight and yelled a mix of joy and terror through its many loops and twirls in a simulated space environment. We walked out, slightly shaken but deliriously happy. My mother, however, was a different story. Coming to terms with what she thought was an earth-shattering experience, my mother proclaimed, “it feels like I’ve been reborn”. It had been her first roller-coaster ride too!

My brother and I promptly got in line for the next one, “Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril”, but my mother refused to accompany us. She no longer doubted the ability of her children to take care of themselves on a roller-coaster 😉

Come back tomorrow for the letter G and another story!

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  1. One of the places on my bucket list! Also, mothers are amazing. Superwoman on other days, but all it takes them is a rollercoaster to enjoy life 🙂

  2. I have always associated Disney land with France. Quite informative. I am liking the entire series.specially your nostalgic trip to Bhopal ( being the hometown little biased I was. See you on Monday with G

  3. France is such a lovely country… I love the feel, the vibe and the culture of this place… Have been there thrice and still it’s our family’s first choice for a vacataion. So nice to red about your experience here.

  4. Me and my brother loved riding on roller coasters as kids too. Our mom, just like yours, was happy to let us experience crazy merriment while she prayed from the stands for our quick return to safety. Thank goodness, I hadn’t seen any of the Final Destination movies till then! 😛

  5. My first theme park visit was Appu Ghar as well, and when I saw the gigantic ferris wheel in Melbourne it took my breath away. This post is a Nostalgic roller coaster for me Noor.

  6. It would have been so much fun. I have never been to France but would love to visit it. Europe is high on my travel list.

  7. I was waitng for francis and you didn’t disappoint me at all. We are going france this year and were confused whether we should make a halt at disney but now its clear.

  8. Hey Noor, I am sure you and brother must have had a blast. Visiting amusement parks and rides are so exciting and especially with siblings.

  9. I remember Appu Ghar that was our first sucj experience. We had similar excitement when we had visited Essel World for the first time. 👍

  10. Oh yes, I remember Appu ghar, it was our go to place every Sunday especially during summer holidays. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet got a chance to try a real roller coaster ride. The last roller ride I tried was not that big, it was in Sunway lagoon, Malaysia. I am waiting for my moment when I could experience the thrill of free fall with twists n twirls. However, I am not sure whether I would be able to survive the adrenaline rush at this age 😀

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