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Thinking of Life Before Lockdown

Over the weekend, I binge-watched the second season of Amazon Prime’s original TV show “Four More Shots Please”. Inspired by the famous American TV drama, “Sex and the City”, this show about four women living their 20s and 30s in Mumbai, is an interesting peep into modern-day female friendships, romance, and various aspects of women’s liberation.

However, after watching the show, I was overtaken by immense nostalgia for the freedom I took for granted, till last month. This included the ability to get dressed and go anywhere I pleased, the capability of travelling to any country of my choice, the opportunity to hang out and drink with my friends, and the general lack of worry in my life.

Hence, I’ve been feeling wistful and sentimental about my pre-lockdown life. Here’s a list of what I’m missing most, in no particular order:

  • Having lunch with my parents while chitchatting about everything and nothing
  • Gossiping and laughing with my friends over endless glasses of wine at a swanky bar
  • Staying out too late at night and being crabby for lack of sleep the next day
  • Eating a delicious meal in a fabulous restaurant with impeccable service
  • Working out at the gym, and running in the park outside the gym for my cardio fix
  • Wearing high heels
  • Watching movies on the big screen with my brother, while devouring salty popcorn
  • Packing for a trip
  • Unpacking on my return and complaining about how much I hate unpacking
  • The awesome feeling of arriving at the airport, excited about a trip and the memories that I will make
  • Hugging people
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Shopping in general
  • Taking endless selfies with my girl gang
  • Picking my son from school and enjoying that look of glee on his face
  • Volunteering at my son’s school and bonding with the other parents
  • Birthday parties
  • Painstakingly putting together an outfit with matching accessories
  • Discovering new places through blogging events
  • Getting a head massage and various other services at the salon

This random list probably makes me sound very superficial, but that’s ok. I’m aware that the lockdown has been far worse for some and that I’m fortunate in many ways. But it seems likely that may of the things I’ve mentioned are set to change completely, so I’m celebrating and sentimentalising the small thrills of my life. This is my list of what I miss most- I’m sure you have a list too and I would love it if you shared the things that you’re missing most, with me. These may be profound or superficial. Don’t worry, I won’t judge!

This is also my tip to beat the lockdown blues today:

Make a list of what you miss most from your pre-lockdown life, and revel in the wonderful memories. Don’t worry if the memories upset you- it’s ok to feel sad. In fact, I think feeling sad is an important part of the long journey to accepting change.

I haven’t let lockdown completely rob me of all personal pleasures though! I still do certain things that give me tremendous pleasure, despite their redundancy during this time. For example, I put on makeup and wear regular clothes every single day. It makes me happy and ready to get on with life every morning.

I’ve also been proactive about sharing different makeup looks on my Instagram page, as I receive so many requests for them.

Today, I’ve shared a makeup look on my IGTV feed, while reviewing the new season of “Four More Shots Please”, and I would love it if you checked out my video and shared your thoughts. I look forward to your feedback on the makeup look and the TV show!

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Hi everyone, I just finished watching Season 2 of “Four More Shots Please” and I was inspired to create this purple and silver eyeshadow look, perfect for a girls night out, once lockdown is over. I also share my review and thoughts of the TV show. Leave your thoughts and comments below and share this video with someone that may like it. What would you like to see from me next? Leave your requests below! – PRODUCTS MENTIONED: 1. Eye Primer: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in shade “Light Sand” 2. Eyeshadow Palettes: Milani Everyday Eyes in “Vital Brights” + NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in “Smokey & Highlight” 3. Kajal: Faces Canada Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal 4. Mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise + Maybelline Lash Sensational 5. Liquid Lipstick: Nykaa liquid lipstick in shade “Bombae” 6. Lip gloss: Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Gloss in shade “Beige Shine” – #nooranandchawla #theladylawyer #makeuptutorial #makeuplook #makeup #makeuplovers #makeuplover #makeupenthusiast #notsponsored #purpleeyeshadow #purpleeyeshadowlook #purpleeyes #cooltoneeyeshadow #cooltoneeyes #glammakeup #purplesmokeyeye #purplesmokeyeyes #purplesmokeymakeuplook #sardarni #delhi #fourmoreshotsplease #fourmoreshotspleasereview #fourmoreshotspleaseseason2

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Talking of TV shows, here’s one I think you should check out with the letter T:

“The Crown” on Netflix, is a fabulous fictionalised (inspired by real life) version of Queen Elizabeth II’s illustrious career as the longest reigning monarch in the world. Over the course of its three seasons, this beautifully written show explores various domestic and world events that shaped Queen Elizabeth’s reign. If for nothing else, watch the show for its cinematic value.

However, if you’d prefer a humorous TV show recommendation, I believe you won’t go wrong with “The Big Bang Theory” on Amazon Prime Video. This series about four nerdy scientists and their good-looking neighbour, guarantees lots of laughter and some learning along the way.

As for a book recommendation, here’s one I think you should read:

“To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is an authority on the rampant racism that marred America at the beginning of the last century. It raises important questions that stand the test of time and are relevant even today.

That’s all for today folks- it was short and bittersweet, but I shall see you tomorrow with more fun content.

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Tot Ziens till tomorrow! (farewell in Dutch)


This post has been written for the #AtoZChallenge 2020. My theme this year is #LockdownWithTheLadyLawyer, where I’m journaling my thoughts during the coronavirus lockdown, and sharing numerous recommendations that will help keep your spirits up. Read my other posts here:



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  1. Ahh Big Bang Theory was my anchor for a long long time.
    Okay. So I have been thinking of watching s2 of four more shots please but it looks like it’s not the right time. You just made me nostalgic with that list 😭

  2. Nice post Noor. I am surely going to write down the things I miss pre lockdown. I also make it a point to dress up each day to beat the lock down blues. Have watched the 1st season of 4 more shots. shall watch the second season as and when I get time.

  3. So true, now that we are getting used to with lock-down and social distancing we are valuing the life we were leading before this, the smallest things that gave us happiness like you said picking up kids from school, parties, hanging out with friends, hugging and really the list is long, will surely jot them down to make myself happy remembering the days. Even I’m watching season 2 of 4 more shots and enjoying it a lot, seems will binge watch it today itself… the benefit of lock-down as no hurry to get up early. Roma is a yet another gr8 blogger. good recommendation of the big bang theory and even the crown.

  4. The thought that i cannot go and visit my parents as and when i can is the biggest thing i miss. My list would be very similar to yours. I will do this exercise for sure. 🙂

  5. The lockdown is making us realise how we had taken the freedom for granted. With the lockdown getting extended, the gloom is now creeping in the lives slowly. Now is thus the time to fight it and stay afloat. For what can not break us will make us.
    Making a list of the things one enjoyed doing before lockdown seems therapeutic. I also liked your idea of self love when you indulged in wearing makeup!
    -Its T for “The Breath” at

  6. I am missing a lot outside food, and feeling really tired by cooking three meals everyday since so long,,and yes watching a movie, shopping, meeting my friends..there are so many routine things that we all are missing…loved your tip for beating the lock-down blue and also liked today’s blog recommendation. Roma is one of my best buddy and I really admire her write up..again a mood lifting post Noor, and will watch your make up tutorial for sure.

  7. I so miss all the activities you have jotted down Noor! “Nostalgia of the freedom taken for granted” brilliant! And who knew…
    I have been half-way through watching “The Crown” and it is amazing. I was inspired after watching “Reign”. Thank you for the recommendation.
    ‘To kill a mockingbird’ is still on my wish-list. Your recommendation reminded me to get my hands on it. Thank you 😊

  8. What do I miss most…Well my long, long walks and visiting my parents. In fact it’s strange that had the lockdown not been there I probably wouldn’t have seen them anyway because I live in another town and had no plans to go until June. But now that the lockdown and all of this has happened I’m upset about not being able to see them. Goes on to show the vulnerability of the situation and also how we take life too much for granted.

    1. I sympathise… My parents live 10 minutes away from me, and I haven’t seen them in over a month! And I don’t know when I’ll see them next. Lockdown has ended the concept of distance!

  9. ‘Koi lauta de mujhe mere beete hue din’ , True, we are missing so many things. But I am sure, when everything gets normal again(hopefully), we will miss these days too. They are ‘once in a life-time’ experience. Isn’t it?

  10. Trust me, I was thinking of creating such a list only yesterday. Instead I ended up being so nostalgic and emotional that I penned down my current state of mind. A nice comforting read for a day like today.

  11. This too shall pass Noor..u will be back in full throttle 🙂 Staying indoors must have made your skin glow more.I am enjoying my bonus time with the kids. And I too binge watched 4 more shots through the night as kids are around all the time and I dont watch in front of them

  12. I miss meeting my school friends, it’s been really long. Just when we’re all finally home at the same time we can’t meet 🙁 . Also, my partner is a food blogger and we used to eat out quite often, really missing those outings. Like they say, we don’t realise the value of something until we’ve lost it.

  13. Well, it was a nostalgic read for me. As I was preparing for PSU jobs after passing out from college, my life has been paused since then. I quite live like imprisoned in my room all the day, studying and preparing hard. Hanging out with friends, and everything else, have stopped since. Recreation means only watching YouTube or singing a little, or reading and writing. I have no connection with the outer world much. Your post reminded me of these all I left in my college days. Enjoyed reading it Noor.

      1. From 2014..frst I was preparing for GATE exam and then from 2015 shifted my focus to PSU.. Mostly in IBPS and SBI. My bad Noor, I skipped it always for only 1-2 marks and then in 2019,when I started skipping it for only 0.75 or 0.5, I got totally broken. Then started blogging seriously and writing saved me.

  14. So true. The lockdown made us introspect over all the privilege we enjoy. I will never take these little things for granted again.

  15. The lockdown has given us enough time to introspect and realise that there is so much to be grateful for. Things have changed and we do not have the freedom we took for granted but I am hopeful that this is for a short period of time. It won’t be long, when we will be able to meet, greet, shop and eat like we used to do. Life will be back much better than earlier and the world will be more beautiful too, with humans having learnt from this catastrophe.

    In another news, I like reading Roma’s blog too.I am not doing the blog suggestions on my blog but you would have definitely scored in the “N” category. Great suggestions here. Keep up the good work!

  16. i discovered Four More Shots please during the lock-down and ended up binge-watching the first season and the second season when it released! I love The Crown and The Big Bang Theory. My love of TBBT led me to another one of my favorite series – Young Sheldon!

  17. Kudos to you Noor for being so positive in turbulent times like these. I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts knowing that I will return from this page with a smile on my face. Heartfelt gratitude.

  18. Such a heartfelt post Noor and trust me many of our points on the list we miss are so same. I like the candidness and relevance of your posts a lot. Four more shots please s-2 I watched too and above all it really means a lot for me that you remembered me while writing this beautiful post and gave me a place here today. I hope we meet soon again Noor and I come back home.

  19. Hi Noor.
    For a list, I really have to think about it. I’m pretty sure I don’t have anywhere near as many things that I miss. My top three: My grandson, Isaac & my son; Hugging; going to the movies.


    Book: I have to agree with you. To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that stays with you, as do the characters. I’d go on a bit of a cheat for the film with Gregory Peck. I feel it was one of his best performances.

    Movie: Thunderball, James Bond at his best (IMO) and Time Bandits by director Terry Gilliam. Both entertaining in very different ways. Same old sexist trope with the early Bond films, yet beyond that was excitement. Time Bandits is slowish, but it works on so many levels. It’s weird fun.

    TV Show: That Girl, starring Marlo Thomas. 1966 to 1971. I never missed an episode. At ten, she was a younger me’s crush. The show was funny, and “now”, it was hip.

  20. I love big bang and watch re runs almost every day !!! I miss going out shopping and eating out the most! I do miss seeing some friends too.

  21. My son and I enjoy watching young Sheldon which is time. When Sheldon was a young boy. We have recently started watching the big bang theory.
    Yes I agree the lockdown is bad for many as compared to us. Let’s thank for what we have and count our blessings.

  22. I have endless list of missing things.. my weekend outing, friday night potluck with friends, walk to park, and above all Bahar ka khana, my soul is screaming “bas ab koi bacha lo kitchen se mujhe”, I mom was about to visit me this summer all plans gone in vein, my younger sis shifted USA recently dying to meet her and so on, I am learning to hold my patience with gladly with my kid that only I can say. About recommendations I am yet to watch “Four more shots please”, just waiting to complete the last leg of A2Z Challenge, and yes dear I am enjoying reading Roma’s letters to his grandchild.

  23. I am yet to watch the second season of Four more shots. Honestly we all realized why we shouldn’t take anything for granted even if it’s just a restaurant or salon visit.

  24. Missing list is endless. I am missing badly my husband who us lockdowned in another city. Street food and hanging out with friends is badly missed. I am dying to watch ” Four more shots please” but not able to. Only when I go back to my city. Thanks for bringing positive vibes in our lives.

  25. I have a long list of missing things. Badly missing my husband who is in a different city, street food, hanging out with friends and list goes on….. “Four more shots please” is there in my bucket list for long but can’t watch it. Waiting to go back to my city.

  26. Aah! I miss meeting and get togethers with family and friends the most! And yes, dining out too!
    TBBT is a favourite and I never get tired of watching the reruns or short videos on FB and YouTube of this hilarious series!

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