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Jim Corbett 1_1

My family on the elephant safari at Jim Corbett National Park circa 1997

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Named after the famous tiger-hunter of the early 20th century, Jim Corbett, this wildlife sanctuary is located in Uttarakhand in India. It’s home to numerous tigers, leopards, wild elephants, gorgeous birds and other wildlife. This park is popular with tourists owing to its proximity to Delhi, and the variety of lodging options.

We visited Corbett Park (as it’s better known), many times in my childhood, as it was ideal for family excursions. The trip whose memory I’m narrating today took place in the spring of 1997, when I was 9 years old.


I’d developed a fever as soon as our holiday began, and was in low spirits for the duration of the trip. I slept a lot, and I don’t have any memories of the elephant and jeep safaris we took. I do remember, however, feeling the tinge of disappointment that comes with not seeing a wild-cat when you’ve been eagerly looking forward to it. On our last day there, after finishing the morning safari and enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the Dhikala Forest Rest House, we drove through the outskirts of the park in our own car, a Daewoo Cielo. Back then, private vehicles were allowed inside certain areas of the park premises. I was sleeping in the backseat, with my brother seated next to me, and our parents were seated in front.

Suddenly, I was jostled awake with firm hands. I sat up in a stupor, protesting loudly at being woken so rudely, when I was told to hush by my mother. With one finger on her lips, she pointed to the windshield of our car.

There, in all its magnificent glory, stood a fine specimen of the royal Bengal tiger. He stood a short distance away from our car, looking directly at us. Everything ceased to exist in that moment, except for the five creatures in the jungle and the vehicle that separated them. I don’t remember how long we stood transfixed in that position, but soon the tiger was bored and moved on. We breathed collectively after what seemed like an age, and turned to leave quietly. There are no photographs of this wild encounter, but our memories are emblazoned with this vision, in a way that no photo could do justice. The fact that the sighting happened without any guides or other people present, makes this memory even more magical.

Since then I’ve been on a few safaris and seen many beautiful creatures, but nothing quite matches up 😉

Come back tomorrow for the letter K and another story!

Jim Corbett 1_Jim Corbett 2

Wild elephants at Jim Corbett National Park circa 1997

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      1. That would have been a eureka moment for you I am sure. I deeply appreciate the variety you are building in, in your travel memoirs dear, keep up the great work 😊

  1. Till Date I have only been on Zoo Safaris. Jim Corbett is on my bucket list, but am waiting for my kids to grow up a little so that they can enjoy this beautiful place that’s house to some wonderful wild creatures.

  2. It is exciting to see a tiger up close. I have sighted tigers at Ranthambhor. Visit the part in May, Jun, when it is hot and tigers come out to sit on water bodies.

  3. Now that is the perfect finishing to a trip I would say! Spotting a tiger is something else, isn’t it? And you saw it so close too! Wow post!

  4. Lucky you I would say to spot a tiger like that. Nowadays it is rare. But I have seen travel influencer bloggers who are driven up close to them. I am going to take my grandsons someday 🙂

  5. We have been to jim corbett but couldn’t see anything more than paw marks of tiger. But otherwise our trip was super relaxing.
    Your experience of tiger watching must be special.

  6. Have been here few years back for an official trip. One of the best trip ever, natural beauty coupled with excitement to see the wild cat, one of must visit places in India.

  7. Spotting a tiger at Jim Corbett is something…. You had been lucky… I have ringed in the new year 2019 there in Jim Corbett.. It was a lovely experience.

  8. there are so many memories here! went here for college IV. We never found tiger and the jeep which didnt had any photographer found the tiger. Amazing post

  9. . It’s a nice place to visit . Jim Corbett is on my bucket list, … Share Ur more experiences…

  10. Looks like you guys had amazing experience, we’ve visited Jim Corbett twice , but yet we are awaiting to witness the big cats in wild

  11. Love reading about Jim carbet though I am from kashipur near to this location but haven’t been single time and after this, I will going for sure.

  12. Whoa, that is some experience! I’ve heard of sightings where the tiger crosses your path or you see it eating or moving around but this is something truly exclusive, and scary yes? I agree no picture could ever do justice to what you must’ve felt that time.

  13. Definitely this place is worth a visit. Infact, a perfect family holiday destination. It’s on our mind, We guys will be planning it sometime soon.

  14. This was such a delightful read. I felt like I was with you in the trip too lol. Loved the awesome pictures. very well-written.

  15. The strange thing is, I have never been to a zoo! And that is such a shame for me! 😅 Loved reading this… Watching a tiger in the wild is indeed a great experience!

  16. I have been to Jim Corbett but unluckily could not go on the safari. The weather was really bad. Seeing your post, I think I should plan for another trip to Jim Corbett .

  17. Jim Corbett is really a beautiful place to visit. And looks like you had an amazing ecpeexperi there. And it is amazing that you got to see lion. As very few can see him.

  18. Are You Serious. . Like Really,.? You witnessed a Tiger. Wow.. I still have to go there to experience that wilderness.

  19. Jim Corbett was our first family trip this year. It was fabulous and little one had an amazing time there. Your post made me nostalgic, loved reading it.

  20. I have been thinking of spending a special date at Jim Corbett, this park also offers great resorts and amazing luxurious amenities for tourists. Thanks for sharing about the Jim Corbett in details.

  21. I belong to Uttrakhand! Its beautiful! Jim Corbett is our pride and is fun anyways! 😍 you were lucky to spot tigers though

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