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As we stay indoors, we’ve begun to rely steadfastly on Whatsapp- a mobile chatting app, to stay connected with the outside world. Even before coronavirus, Whatsapp was the bedrock of communication for personal connections, work and simple networking. After coronavirus, however, it seems to have become the focal point for spread of any kind of information- humorous, explanatory or fake.

Since I spend an inordinate amount of time on Whatsapp on a daily basis, I’ve had plenty of time to think about its structure and general outlay.



You may have heard people complain about family Whatsapp groups in the past. They can certainly be annoying with endless “good morning” messages or the influx of bad jokes. However, these family Whatsapp groups have become extremely important after lockdown. We can’t go anywhere, nor can we share stories in social environments, hence, these family groups are fulfilling the need to share mundane daily news and information with loved ones.

Old photos are shared, people show off their new-found culinary skills and uplifting jokes, on my family groups.


On a similar note, friends’ groups have also become more active since lockdown began. Most people are part of a ‘school’/ ‘college’ group, which tends to stay silent for long periods of time, unless someone makes a plan to meet. With lockdown, everyone is stuck at home, and so we chat more frequently, plan online Zoom parties and play online games together.


Though I don’t practice law full-time, I’m still part of my ex-office’s Whatsapp group where people share jokes and wish each other happy birthday. That group has become an important source of credible information after lockdown, where government guidelines and their analysis is shared. The humorous aspect continues as well, of course!


As the Class Representative of my son’s Nursery class, I’m the administrator of the official school Whatsapp group. There are a number of unofficial groups as well, where fun activities for children are shared, virtual playdates are set up and frank discussions about the school and its lockdown policies take place with fellow parents.

For students stuck at home, these groups probably play an important role in discussing online lessons and homework, and helping each other out.


This is a rather broad classification, but I find myself part of various groups simply because of certain activities I participate in. This includes my gym’s group where exercise regimes and other health information is shared; my writer’s group and book club that share important information sidelined by mainstream media; my women’s club that shares uplifting messages for difficult times; my fellow course-mates from the financial course I’m taking online, where we discuss homework and other money related issues. Each of these serves as willing distractions from my daily stresses.


Surprisingly, these constitute the largest number in totality, of all my Whatsapp groups. Many of them are mutual engagement groups, some target mutual growth through discussion and blogging campaigns, and a few simply connect friends made through blogging.


I’m not much of a gamer, but coronavirus has changed that! I’ve been added on to a couple of online gaming groups since lockdown began, where people can coordinate convenient times to play online games together. The ultimate easy and quick distraction from the stresses of life!


These can be quite annoying as they’re mostly marketing ploys for businesses going online. However, I’ve volunteered to be part of a “Gratitude Broadcast List”, and I simply love the positive messages sent there every single day. Perhaps, there’s merit to broadcast lists after all!


This one is clearly a new category. I’m part of one Covid-19 group where people share the latest research and information about the spread of the coronavirus disease, and measures to combat it. Some of the articles offer interesting insight into the political aspects of this global crisis, bolstering the limited news we are exposed to in India. I voluntarily joined this group, because I process information best having consumed an excess of it, and by examining every fact from different angles. However, I know that everyone isn’t like that, so I advise you to stay away from coronavirus information groups if reading too much on the disease, makes you anxious.

Do you identify with these nine categories of Whatsapp groups? How many are you a part of? Does it feel like sometimes Whatsapp is taking over your life?! I definitely feel that sometimes. As soon as the A to Z Challenge is over, I’m going to take a much-needed break from social media.

Here’s my tip to beat the lockdown blues today:

Declutter your Whatsapp groups. Once you go through your entire list, you’ll be surprised to find numerous groups you have been added to, that no longer serve their purpose. Exit and delete these, to clear space on your phone as well as in your head 🙂

As for TV show recommendations, here are a couple with the letter W:

“Will & Grace” is about the lovely friendship shared between a straight woman and a gay man. “Whose Line is it Anyway?” is the ultimate Improvisation comedy show. Both were firm favourites during my teenage years! Unfortunately, neither are available on streaming platforms in India.

As for a book, here’s one I think you’ll enjoy:

“Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte is a classic that will stay with you for its haunting portrayal of unrequited love and its beautifully-etched characters.

That’s all for today folks! I’m super excited that we are in the final week of this challenge- are you?!

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(Auf) Weidersehen till tomorrow! (farewell in German)


This post has been written for the #AtoZChallenge 2020. My theme this year is #LockdownWithTheLadyLawyer, where I’m journaling my thoughts during the coronavirus lockdown, and sharing numerous recommendations that will help keep your spirits up. Read my other posts here:



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  1. I dont remember how life was before whatsapp. I am a part of most of the groups mentioned by you but the ones with the blogging community are where I am most active. Your book recommendation took me back to school as this was in my course for Class 12. How some things just being a smile on your face.

  2. Wow that’s a nice post, I’m sure whats app will be glad today to get this post on it.
    Seriously in today’s times we just can’t imagine our life without Whats app and groups.
    Many groups actually have been lively and creative during lock-down and helping us stay away form negative thoughts. Specially the blogging groups are the most active one’s reason being may be we all are like minded.
    Wordsmithkaur-harjeet is a great blogger and love her as a person too.

  3. I have a few Whatsapp groups – family, friends, school, society but heard the corona virus Whatsapp for the first time.

    Whuthering Heights is again an evergreen classic. Loved reading it.

  4. WhatsApp is the only reason some of my friendships are alive after I became a mother. I am a part of a few groups but other than the apartment residents one, which is currently proving to be useful, I am usually a silent spectator in others

    1. I used to be a silent spectator in most and still am in some, but I’ve begun to consume more information that’s shared on these groups since lockdown began!
      Thanks for stopping by 😊

  5. Coronavirus groups..this one brought a smile on my face. How every new thing gets attracted towards WhatsApp and in no time it becomes a member of WhatsApp family. Whenever I join any new group, I try and see now much I am active it for attest a month. Its a good amount of time for me to decide if I want to be in the group or exit.

  6. Yes I am also I part of various whats up group..from my school friends to college and from mommy friends to blogging know Noor, sometimes I find it so overwhelming, when there is so much info overflow from different what’s groups and social media channels..loved today’s blog recommendation. harjeet is one of the best food blogger and we all admire her perfect blog posts.

  7. Life without Whatsapp doesn’t seem possible now. I don’t normally get overwhelmed by any of the groups. My phone doesn’t show me notifications from group chats. So, I enjoy the group posts in my free time 🙂

  8. WhatsApp Groups have become lifeline these days. I am part of most of the groups you have enlisted here 😝 and I spend a considerable amount of time on my phone…. And as you have mentioned, decluttering, muting notifications etc do help a lot! Thank you for these recommendations.

  9. Thanks a ton for sharing my blog Noor.! You top my favourites list of bloggers and love all that u accomplish (and envy too ) Yes, i too mute whatsapp groups..wuthering heights is at the top too and so is whose line is it.God bless you dear.

  10. Spot on! I think I’m a part of all the groups mentioned in this list. But I’m the member who rarely responds and reads a sea of messages together much after the discussion. So WhatsApp doesn’t take quite a lot of my time. 🙂

    1. That’s just a term I’ve coined for a group which you are part of because of some activity in your life- such as gym, neighbourhood, etc. i’m sure you are part of such groups too 😊

  11. There is no doubt about that Whatsapp groups are ruling these days also very helpful up to some extent, I am also connected with many groups, but honestly I am trying to reduce my time from whatsapp involvement, it kills hours in no time, about your recommendation I am totally agree with you Harjeet’s Blog is the best blog I came through in terms of egg and Chicken recipes.

  12. I was discussing with my hubby . how was like before faceboook,social media and whatsapp grp, so many changes and after 10 year what will be the changes?
    I am also part of family,friend,society,school,blogging grp and some joke sharing grp and Noor ,this coronavirus group heard first time.

  13. Tell me one thing Noor, how much do you research for the farewell word daily?? Hah, today’s was a unique one. Today’s post I enjoyed thoroughly, and I was making similar check outs for each group you have discussed here. Lovely post.

    1. I’m glad you liked it!
      Haha I just google “farewell in different languages” and so far I’ve found most alphabets there. I think “X” might be problematic 😛

  14. WhatsApp takes up a lot of time. It is easily one of the most used apps on my phone. 🙂 I am a part of many such groups. The ones with friends and family help us be in constant contact and share memories and schedule video calls. However, I am not a part of any blogging group or coronavirus information group.

  15. Did we have a life before Whatsapp ? 😉 I identify with most groups..and its a great app to stay connected..Wuthering Heights is a great read! Will n Grace too is good. How come no movie this time ? Can I suggest a song? Wonderful tonight..

  16. I actually put all watsapp groups on mute for freedom from fake news and covid debates. I end up seeing most mesaages any way as I keep opening the app.

  17. Thankfully, I had started exciting most of WA groups since the beginning of this year. Realized that they weren’t worth my time and effort. Barring one or two, I have muted the rest few. I think peace of mind is more important than reading those ridiculous fwds about Corona.

  18. ha ha.. Corona Virus Group.. this is the newest one.i keep all the groups muted and media visibility no. That the easiest to save oneself from every moment disturbances.!! but yeah many are helpful too.

  19. Enjoyed the post, Noor. I have almost all of the Whatsapp group on mute except for the immediate family one. Or the phone would ping all day. The school groups…. when you change five, they do add up. 🙂

  20. Grea categorisation of whatsapp group. Already there is so much information about covid 19 on every group, a special covid group must be tough.

    I follow Harjeet for her awesome recipes. Even tried a couple of them.

  21. Ah, love, love, love, that you are so active everywhere, but I have told you that already, haven’t I!?
    Whatsapp has kept us happy in this gloomy time. It makes us feel we are not alone and that is everything.

  22. Whtsapp has become lifeline. I am a part of multiple of those first 6 grps u mentioned along with a local moms group as well. The last one is new to me.. covid grp.

  23. In today’s world one can’t imagine life without Wats App. At times I skip other SM channels but can’t skip wats App however busy I am. Undoubtedly, Harjeet is one of the best food blogger I have come across, really appreciate her dedication and work ethics.

  24. I’m just not a WhatsApp group person. I find it difficult to keep track of so many comments and they become exasperating. I’m always telling people to write to me individually… haath jod ke🙏🙏😂😂

  25. Online games group!! I am in more than 7 ludo groups. Loved the post!! totally relatable. Also Also I am in daily newspaper group too!

  26. Whatsapp has left us with practically no time. Jsut a few days ago, I mentioned to Mom about decluttering the groups and clear chats. It’s like a part of cleaning just as we dust and clean the house. Always a pleasure reading your posts with the recommendations!

  27. A corona virus Whatsapp group is new to me Noor. Rest all I know so well. Right now they are the one which are keeping us hanging on. I loved your observations

  28. Oh yes! The life with WhatsApp groups, tool which makes life easy connected and also cluttered. I agree to your idea if decluttering at times. It helps and destresses too. Good going Noor.

  29. Another wonderful post Noor!
    I am a part of all the Wats app groups except for the Corona virus group.
    Thank you for the tip, I really need to declutter my Wats app …

  30. An interesting read, part of all the groups except the Coronavirus one. Didn’t know something of that sort existed 😬 However most of them are on mute most of the time 😛

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