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Munich, the capital of Bavaria in Germany is best known for its annual beer festival, the Oktoberfest. It also has gorgeous historic monuments, a beautiful central square called Marienplatz, and plenty of famous beer halls.

I visited Munich with my parents, brother and husband in June 2015, during a month-long European vacation. Of the four countries and multiple cities we visited, here’s why Munich really stands out.


Munich was the second last place on our itinerary. Despite being quite tired, we were excited to explore the beer halls here. On the first night, we all enjoyed the local beer, but my brother was ahead of us by a couple of drinks.

My parents retired to the apartment we’d booked, but the younger lot wanted to explore Munich’s night life. We hailed a cab and asked to be taken to a good nightclub. At that hour, Milk Bar or Milch Und Bar was the most happening place. The 90s music, affordable drinks and fun vibe, was just what we were looking for.

Close to 3:00 a.m., my husband and I decided to call it a night. We were both quite exhausted. However, my brother was chatting up a pretty girl, and refused to leave. Worried that he was too drunk, I pleaded with him to return home. We got into a terrible sibling spat outside the club. When I yelled at him and slapped him, in front of everyone, he was understandably upset and ran off into the night.

I attempted to run after him, but lost him quite soon. My husband and I searched the city for him in a cab, but returned home empty-handed. My worried parents tried to keep their cool on hearing the news, and hoped he would return home safe and sound; which thankfully, he did.

The next day, concerned about my delayed monthly cycle, my husband urged me to take a pregnancy test. Quite to my surprise, the result was positive. We clung to each other with happiness. The pregnancy wasn’t planned, though as recounted earlier, we were both mentally ready for parenthood.

Till the night before taking the test, I’d treated my younger brother as my child. He’d been my charge since a young age. I considered myself his protector when he was bullied at school, suffered his first heartbreak, was ragged at university and thereafter. We’d both been emotional crutches for each other at various occasions but as the older one, I’d felt responsible for his well-being. In Munich, I finally realised that he could take care of himself. All maternal feelings were transferred to the seed inside my body. The incidents of the nightclub and pregnancy test were unrelated, but they collectively resulted in a paradigm shift for me. Now that I treat my brother as my equal, he’s become my best friend. Also, my nightclub visiting days are officially over 😉

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Happy with our big news in Munich, June 2015


Visiting Munich’s beer halls, June 2015

welcome little one! (3)

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  1. Wow, it’s such a mixed feeling when you have a younger sibling and a baby. I too have a little sister and baby. Funny thing is I feel I have three children because along with my husband these three become possessive and put me in situation

  2. awww this is such a lovely incident Noor. Till now I treat my baby brother as my child so I can relate to your feelings.

  3. Brothers are always fun. Sometimes they tease, sometimes cry like babies and be there whenever we need them. That bar incident was scary but glad to know everything went well 🙂

  4. Such a heart warming post Noor. The bond with the baby brother’s are quite different. Being there ear and eyes..and protecting them all the while becomes the part .

  5. Great post with the shift of motherly feeling from your brother to your baby. I am sure this is going to be one of the most memorable events for you.

  6. Munich and first motherhood feeling what a coincidence. As you had already taken care of your brother, I guess you have embedded that feeling of responsibility little earlier.

  7. Any places with special memories is always special. A vacation like this is always memorable. More I read about Europe, more I want to visit it.

  8. First of all I loved the tile and seconldy I loved the emotions and bond in the story. I too have a younger brother , whom I call beta all the time and now when I have my lttle girl and I call Beta, my brother and my little one both exclaims, YES! hahaha .
    Glad to be a a part of your precious memory.

  9. I guess the melodrama had some connection with pregnancy hormones. 😀 Pregnancy news is such a precious memory. Such cute pictures.

  10. Aww… Our stories resemble. I also motheres my brother ever since I remember and now after his marfaige I have to put am effort and consider him grown up. Siblings are best friends.

  11. Sometime some incidents seems to be not wished while it take place but for that same incident that moment becomes unforgettable, this is something happened with you in Munich…with two different incidents.
    Nice read.

  12. Ditto for me dear, I felt in charge of my younger brother until my maternal instincts for my son too over. Beautiful relatable posts dear. When I worked in Germany, I waited to attend Oktoberfest buddy.

  13. Elder sisters by design feel protective of their younger siblings but it all changes as we grow up. I probably would’ve done the same thing had I been in your place too. Such a precious moment that must’ve been to know what awaits you!

  14. U actually slapped your grown up brother!! wow 🙂 Am sure it must be the hormones working up. I was mothering my nephews and nieces at 12 and i know what u mean .

  15. Such a cute story Noor, I have somewhat same relationship with my younger bro. We have the age difference of 9 years, and our relation also graduated from ugly fights at every breath to close confidante.
    Lovely memories

  16. That’s so sweet you are very protective of your brother 🙂 by the way if not for this post I wouldnt have come to know that you are a mom 🙈😀 (that’s a compliment!)

  17. This looks like a phase of transition. All maternal feelings transferred from the brother towards the unborn child. I had a huge smile on my face as I read your post. Also, you look so gorgeous that I don’t feel that your night clubbing days will ever be over. Stay happy and blessed.

  18. What a beautiful sibling bond you have described. I also felt responsible for my younger brother, until one day I realized he was all grown up to take care of himself. But slapping him was out of question for me.
    Congratulations on the news of pregnancy in Munich.

  19. Looks like you had a super memorable experience at Munich. Loved reading it, you have given such a vivid description of your feelings and experiences in the post.

  20. Hahaha … I loved reading this blog…it was fun and emotional .Looks like you really had a great time at Munich. I too share a same kind of bond with my baby brother. So I can totally relate with this.

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