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Honeymooning at the Maldives, November 2013

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Velassaru is an island resort in the Maldives, a South-East Asian country that consists of 26 atolls in the Indian Ocean, which are a conglomerate of over 1000 tiny islands. Male is the capital, and many of the islands are owned and run by luxury hotel chains. Maldives thrives on tourism, with millions of people visiting these resort islands every year. The incessant rise in sea level will lead to Maldives disappearing soon; so, I recommend a visit as soon as possible!

My husband and I had a mini-moon (honeymoon happened later in Italy) in the Maldives in November 2013, right after we were married. We chose the Velassaru resort, located on its own island, after reading good reviews. It was a short speed boat ride from the mainland, and offered fantastic packages.

Our luxurious water-villa had its own infinity pool, and the secluded environment made us feel romantically marooned on an island. The fantastic staff and delicious food served in the multiple restaurants, were the cherry on top. There are many memorable moments from this vacation but here’s one that really stands out.


With a mortal fear of water, it’s just my luck that I’m married to a water baby. Where my husband loves being in the water and all possible kinds of water sports; I tremble at the thought of standing knee-deep in the shallow end of a swimming pool.

However, in that newly-married phase, we were in a phase of discovery, attempting to please and adapt to each other. Bored after his solo snorkel on the first day; he convinced me to get on a jet-ski with him. I assented, attempting to be braver than I felt. He reassured me that he’d ridden jet-skis on many occasions, and nothing untoward would happen.

Barely two minutes into our designated 30-minute slot, the jet-ski upended and we went headfirst into the Indian Ocean. All I remember is an immense feeling of shock, and the moment spent completely under water that seemed to stretch to eternity. Our life-jackets buoyed us out of the water pretty soon, but I was in the throngs of a major panic attack. Despite being out of the water, I felt I couldn’t breathe, and I was crying uncontrollably. My husband quickly climbed back on to the vehicle while attempting to keep me calm and pull me back up as well. Help arrived swiftly and I finally breathed a sigh of relief once on firm ground.

When I’d calmed down, my husband asked me if I wanted to return to the mainland while he completed the round. It was a defining moment for me. If I’d turned back then, I knew I’d never beat my terrible fear. Surprising even myself, I said, “Let’s go on, I trust you.” The rest of the ride passed without incident. Surrounded by the vast Indian ocean, I clung on to the love of my life, while he drove the jet-ski surely but slowly.

Having bravely faced my fears that day, I signed off water sports after that. There’s no need to prove my undying love anymore, you see 😉

Come back tomorrow for the letter W and another story!


Minutes before the fateful jet-ski ride





The stunning Velassaru Resort, Maldives



Honeymooning at Velassaru Resort, Maldives, November 2013

V for Velassaru, Maldives

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  1. Omg that must be really scary, even the thought of it is scary. sometimes even the life-boat can do anything but this is how life is. full of oops and ups.. Lovely name of the resort, Velassaru

  2. What a thriller it was! Was thinking that after the incident you would have got annoyed, yelled etc but you took an about turn😊Good!
    There’s so much to say. First of all thanks for adding to my geographical vocabulary, getting to know of so many new places. Next time, we plan a visit, would consider taking your advice too. Hope you won’t mind.
    Then, your pics as well photography of locations is amazing.
    I liked the concept of mini moon but but but…its toooooo late now😂
    Reading your line attempting to please…. reminds me of one small incident of our honeymoon. I am a pure vegetarian who avoids onions, if possible, forget Eggs. And can you imagine, i not only had omelette continously for 7 to 8 days but tried chicken also. Don’t know how. Still wonder. Sach, love is blind😅

    1. Thanks Samira! You can always ask me for travel recommendations- that’s my love and prerogative as a blogger 🙂
      Loved your incident! Yes love is truly blind 😂😂

  3. Omg this sounds so scary. In my case, the scene is opposite as my husband is hydrophobic and I love adventure. Jet ski is on my bucket list too. It’s good that you agreed to go again and overcame your fear. Dar k aage jeet hai 😊

  4. That is why I scare to get into water sports. It scares the hell out of me. Glad everything was okay. You guys had to face this in your honeymoon period. Pretty sad 🙁

  5. I just love these amazing and curiosity laden anecdotes and your pictures are the oommmphhhh factor! They add a level of connect and authenticity that takes your readers right to the spot and in that moment with you.

  6. This gave me chills but I’m so glad that it turned out to be an great experience for you. In our case also, my husband loves water and I am quite scared of any kind of water sports. Lovely post and gorgeous pictures

  7. Beautiful pictures of Maldives. Sea is so clean and turquoise green. Fear of water is understandable. You did the right thing overcoming your fear. Snorkelling is not that bad, given one stays barely below water.

  8. You faced your fear and you overcame it…for the instance, if you could have continued facing the fear then am sure the fear would have surely vanished.
    Nice read.

  9. Lovely post and gorgeous you, “Surrounded by the vast Indian ocean, I clung on to the love of my life, while he drove the jet-ski surely but slowly”, by saying this you surely need not prove your love 🙂 Aha

  10. Oh My! What a scary and panicky moment that must have been.But so glad that you overcame your fear!
    Velassaru seems like a beautiful resort and you have captured the beauty of Maldives so well in these few pictures!

  11. Your pictures looks great and Maldives is in my wishlist too…loved reading your travel experience! I wish to plan one soon!

  12. Woah that was a scary ride and with your fear it out be a lot more scarier. You are tough that’s great you completed it, kudos to you.

  13. Velassaru is indeed a paradise. But kudos to you for being brave and continuing on the Jet Ski ride immediately after a panic attack. That indeed needs guts and of course complete faith in your partner.

  14. I can understand what shock you went through. I am afraid of the waters too 🙊🙈 By the way I would love to visit Maldives some day. The beach is peaceful! 🙂

  15. That’s brilliant confronting our fears is the best thing we can do . I remember going diving with my hubby, while I didn’t knew how to swim , just basis I trusted him and it was a heavenly experience for me.

  16. This was such a pleasure to read, loved knowing about your experience and how you bravely faced your fears. Waiting for the next one.

  17. I must say you are a brave girl. All the clicks are amazing looks like you guys had lot of fun there.

  18. Oh thrilling and chilling!! Your pics and storytelling took me to Maldives…Lovely post and glad that you faced your fears. I m a scaredy cat too when it comes to water…

  19. Maldives is a great destination. This resort looks marvellous. Water villas are my favourites. Seems that you have had a gala time at the resort

  20. Honestly saying, I was actually completely involved and a bit nervous about what happens next, loved the blog and the way you have written this whole experience is just damn fab!

  21. The water villa looks absolutely luxurious. The beach side view is also calming. Hope you enjoyed a lot in your mini honeymoon

  22. Braving thru your fears is always rewarding. Especially when anxiety turns into exhilaration and the adrenalin kicks in… things get exciting pretty quickly

  23. The incident sounds scary…but you went back on the jet ski…commendable. I would love to visit Maldives soon.

  24. That was very brave of you to try when you were afraid of the water.Loved reading aboit the minimoon

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