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London, the capital of England, is divided into boroughs or cities for easy navigation. The City of Westminster covers most of Central London, and is densely populated. This part of London includes Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament), shopping areas like Oxford Street, the theatre street of Shaftesbury Avenue, the tourist hub of Piccadilly and Soho; making it extremely popular with visitors.

I lived in London from 2011-12 while pursuing my Master’s degree. My travel series contains many posts on England, because I consider it my second home; having accumulated wonderful memories from my visits to this country. The story I’m narrating today took place in April 2012, when I was a student.


Soho is the liveliest part of London, with an array of bars, restaurants and kitschy night clubs. The most exclusive party places are located here, the kind where you aren’t granted entry unless you’re on a guest list. One such place was ‘The Box’, which two of my Danish friends and I decided to visit, one fateful night.

We began with drinks at a cocktail bar in Soho, to save on the exorbitant prices of the club. Around 11:00 p.m. the three of us stood in line for entry to the club. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long. The bouncer recognised one of my friends, who was a model, and allowed us to cut the line and enter.

Excited, we quickly bought drinks and joined the mass of humanity dancing to eclectic music. ‘The Box’ is a chain of nightclubs originally from Manhattan, New York; best known for its ‘variety performances’, including cabaret and various unique stage acts.

As the night progressed, we realised the advantage we had as three young women. We got free drinks from a waiter who took a fancy to one of us. Later, when I saw a turbaned Sardar, a fellow member from my religious community, I ecstatically introduced my group to him. He in turn, warmly welcomed us to his private VIP table by offering free drinks.

At about 2:00 a.m., a special star performance was announced. The famous American rapper Snoop Dogg arrived on stage! We couldn’t believe our luck. His performance hadn’t been advertised and we had no idea we were in for such a treat.

Later still, my friend charmed our way to the exclusive ‘Green Room’; an area demarcated for VVIP’s where drinks flowed free and security was at its highest. This part of the club was divided into three rooms and was scarcely populated. We first had our fortunes read by a fascinating drag queen, who predicted that I would study further before getting married (her prediction proved wrong!).

From there, we sauntered into the next room and gasped with surprise. Snoop Dogg was sitting on a bed receiving a shoulder massage. Completely star-struck, we giggled and told him how much we loved his work, only to receive a tired smile in return. Not wanting to bother him, we didn’t ask for photos!

After an eventful and enjoyable night, we left the club close to 6:00 a.m.; to scarf down food at McDonald’s on Piccadilly Circus, which had just opened for the day.

This night is the reason I love London- it’s the only place in the world where I could party with two Danish girls, a Sikh man and Snoop Dogg on the same night 😉

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Memories of many fun nights with my friends in London, 2011-12

W for Westminster City, London

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  1. Haha another wonderful anecdote, Noor. You had a great time and your pics in all the posts say it all.

  2. My bestie studied and worked in London for a decade and I had been there for a trip to visit her. Just shared your post with her since it brought back so many memories of fun times during my trip.

  3. Loved the title as much as the weave. Must have been such a fun night. I am an early sleeper and always missed such parties in all the 22 nations that I had worked.

  4. London is my absolute fav. I have been there aplenty of times and Westminster Abbey is still unexplored 😛

  5. Hahaha!! That was a good read Noor. You girls certainly seemed to have charmed your way to a few delights that night.
    I loved London when we visited last year. We found it a Tourist friendly easy to navigate place. 🙂

  6. I love London too, and have great memories of my visits there. Nothing to beat your one-hell-of-a-night thought! .Snoop Dog!! Wowww!

  7. London is a beautiful place.. It is on my must visit places list. Your pics say it all that you had a gala time there.. Loved reading your post

  8. You know what Noor! You look the best amongst all !! Yes, the article is nice and pictures are beautifully shot. But, I loved your looks amongst everything. So elegantly dressed while radiating positive and wise vibes. Being a travel influencer, normally I focus on the content of a travel article. But truly, I couldn’t get off the vibrancy of your looks in this one!

    btw, I had been to London last June and visited Westminister Abbey A number of times. Loved the place and aura there

  9. wow… This is really an awesome incident, I can relate how we feel when we see our favorite celebrity . This post is well written and I am waiting for your next post from letter x.

      1. For a girl who still dreams to travel the world someday these stories make me more excited and give me feels as if I should go right away. I have not read all your stories but planning to read all your travel stories as soon as I can.

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